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We are Walltalkers.  We talk to, at, around and as Walls  It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

Wall Family

Much of this site will be incomprehensible to anyone that is not a member, by blood or love, of the Wall family.  Our particular branch of the family tree revolves around an old dining room table in an old house in Downsville, NY.  This table has seen more money, food and advice pass over it then anyone can likely imagine.  If you're one of us, no explaination is needed... If you're not, not explaination is possible

Features of this site


Forums, photos, links and more...
Currently this site is primarily a virtual addition of our beloved dining room table.  A place for Wall's to gather with family and friends and pass the time...  Discuss politics, religion, jokes and whatever else is on our minds.  The photo section will become a secure place for us to share photos of our latest additions and honor our dearly departed.  Who knows what will become of places like "Blog"?  I don't currently plan anything there.  Links will eventualy lead us to other parts of the web where we will likely find other branches of the family, as well as twigs and leaves on this branch.  We'll see...